Tournament FAQ

NW Nations Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions frequently asked, we will be adding to this list as other questions come up. Please feel free to call or e-mail anytime if you have questions for us.

What is the age cut-off date for Nations Baseball?
8u-14u age divisions are based upon player’s age as of April 30th, year 2017.
Example: 12u players cannot turn 13 prior to April 30th., 2017 and play in the 12u division
Click here for the Nations age calculator.

Is proof of age required?
Yes. We need to be able to verify the age of every player participating in the tournament. Teams must either upload birth certificates for each player onto the Nations national site for approval or carry birth certificates for all players and present them upon request by Nations staff.

Do birth certificates need to be originals or copies?
Either is acceptable. Often coaches find it easiest to carry a notebook with copies of birth certificates for all players on the team. You can also upload birth certificates on the Nations website, on your player admin page, if you choose to.

Frozen Rosters (New for 2017 Season)
All teams may make an unlimited number of roster changes until May 31st. After May 31st and through August 1st all team rosters are limited to three player additions. Teams that register AFTER May 31st are limited to three player additions upon the completion of their first NW Nations game.

Does NW Nations Combine Age Groups?
NW Nations reserves the right to combine age brackets. (Example: 9u with 10u.) This decision will be based on the number of teams that enter into each bracket and available fields. Generally, an age group/ bracket will be held as long as there are at least three paid teams in a given age bracket.

When will the tournament schedule be available?
The schedule will be posted on our website when it is complete, typically on the Tuesday prior to a tournament, unless circumstances dictate otherwise. We also send e-mails out with tournament start times and additional information to all of the participating coaches. You can find the tournament schedule by clicking here.

Is there a dress code for the coaches?
Not specifically. Coaches are not required to wear a uniform during the games, but are expected to be dressed appropriately.

Do teams need to bring baseballs?
No. New Wilson NW Nations stamped quality game balls are provided by NW Nations for all games.

What size and type of bats are legal for our age group?
If you are swinging a -3 bat, it must have the BBCOR stamp on it.
If you are swinging anything less than a minus 3 bat is must have a BPF 1.15 stamp on it.

  • Bats must be made of an approved material, and they must be smooth and round.
  • Bats must be certified by the manufacturer to meet a Bat Performance Factor of 1.15 or less.
  • In the  14u division bats will be restricted to a ‐5 ratio or heavier. (The weight of the bat in ounces as compared to its length in inches, must be no greater than 5).
  • For age divisions 13u and below, there are no bat size restrictions.
  • High school divisions must comply with NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) bat limitations for size, weight and performance and be NFHS approved. This means all bats used in the high school divisions must be BBCOR approved bats.

What happens if it rains during a tournament?
Our first priority is the safety of everyone at the facility. If we were to experience weather that was determined by the field staff, tournament director and umpires to be severe enough to pose a player safety concern, we will delay games until conditions improve, cancel games or cancel the entire tournament if necessary. The ultimate decision on whether we can play or continue to play is made by the parks department. We will make every effort to play all tournament games, we want to play them as much as you do!

Does the time limit apply if we are the last game of the day?
Yes. We must treat each game fairly. Early games may have ended due to the time limit so that later games could be played on time. It would be unfair to allow the last game of the day to play beyond the time limit if earlier games were restricted by time.

How many umpires are there for each game?
All games will have two umpires scheduled unless otherwise noted. Exception: Most one day events will have one umpire per game for all games.

Does NW Nations keep individual stats for tournaments?
No, NW Nations does not keep individual stats for any tournament.

How will teams know which seed they are Sunday bracket play?
All information regarding results, standings, and seeding will be centrally located on the tournament board, typically located at or near the tournament desk. If your team has left the park prior to the conclusion of the seeding games for your division, we will post the Sunday brackets on our website. Click here. We will do this as soon as we are able to on Saturday evening. Please keep in mind that we cannot do so until the Saturday seeding games for a division have concluded.

Does each team need its own team insurance?
Yes, team insurance is mandatory for all Nations teams. You can either purchase insurance through the Nations insurance program or add Nations Baseball as an additional insured to your policy. For more information regarding insurance, please click here.

Are there pitching limits for the Nations tournaments?

In all age groups that are scheduled for six innings, a pitcher cannot pitch more than 18 outs in any given day or 27 outs in a tournament.

In all age groups 16 and younger that are scheduled for seven innings, a pitcher cannot pitch more than 21 outs in any given day or 30 outs in a tournament.

Is leading off and stealing allowed in all age divisions?

Are tournament t-shirts and other NW Nations merchandise available at the tournaments?
Yes. We will have merchandise for sale during the tournament. The merchandise booth will usually open at the start of games on each day, and will close during the last game of the day.