Nations Team Insurance

Cover all your bases with  Nations Team Insurance

Better Rates, Better Coverage and the only team policy that you will need.

Insurance through Nations costs less! We hear all of the time from teams that pay too much for their team insurance. Even worse the insurance policies do not cover them wherever they play and  trying to get an additionally insured certificate is a major hassle and sometimes you are charged extra for it too!


More Benefits of Nations Team Insurance

Coverage wherever you play! Nations team insurance covers your team not only for Nations events but also for play in organized, sanctioned activities of other associations.

Need an additional insured certificate? Often a different association, tournament operator, a field owner, practice facility or fundraiser site asks for an insurance certificate. With Nations, it’s simple, you just fill out the online form on the Nations website, it immediately issues you the certificate and then you print it out or have it e-mailed to you…simple!

Coverage for practices too?
Yes, Nations insurance covers your team while practicing together as a team.

Coverage for team fundraisers?
Yes. Liability coverage is provided for your team/league for fund raising activities.

In addition to the secondary medical, how about liability coverage? Yes, general liability coverage is provided for players, coaches, managers, sponsors, and volunteers of the team.


How do you Purchase Nations insurance?

Nations Baseball does not “sell” insurance.  Nations team insurance is purchased as a package with your Nations Team Registration. We offer 2 different registration options that include an insurance policy for the covered team. Teams may choose either of these options when initially registering or renewing their team.  Because Nations requires that all teams provide proof of valid insurance before an event starts, we are able to achieve savings from our insurance carrier and we are able to pass these savings on to the teams.  The insurance provided with your registration is valid for most other tournament sanctioning organizations as well.

Please click here to learn how to register your team and purchase your team insurance.

Insurance/registration options:

$160.00 –  Calendar Year Membership (Best Value!)
Includes insurance and registration effective 01/01/2017 through Dec 31, 2017

$135.00 – Seasonal Membership
Includes insurance and registration effective 01/01/2017 through Jul 31, 2017

Purchasing your team insurance through Nations will save you money!

Uploading an Insurance Certificate

Nations Baseball requires all teams to be registered and insured before they can register for a tournament. Teams that use third party insurance (purchased from someone other than Nations Baseball) must provide proof of insurance that meets our requirements before the team plays. Most third party insurance is perfectly acceptable to Nations Baseball, eliminating the need for you to purchase additional insurance.

Before the insurance can be approved, you must make sure that the insurance contains two items:

1) The policy must list Nations Baseball as an additional insured

2) The policy must contain a secondary medical policy to cover each of your players in the event of an accident.

To add Nations Baseball as an additional insured, contact your current insurance carrier and ask them to add the following:

Nations Baseball Tournament Association
20230 Cypress Rosehill Road
Tomball, TX 77377

Very few insurance carriers charge for this service, those that do charge a very minimal fee. If you need add secondary medical coverage to your policy, you should contact your insurance carrier for a quote of the cost to add this coverage. Once you have received your new certificate from your carrier you are ready to begin the upload process. The certificate must be either scanned as a “.PDF” (if you received a paper copy) or saved on your computer as a “.PDF” file. If you are having problems converting your electronic copy to a  .PDF file, there are several free tools online that you can use ( is one).


Printing Your Insurance Certificate

The insurance certificate is located on the Team Administration Page at
To review or print a copy of your certificate, go to the Nations Home page and log-in with your team manager’s account. From the TEAMS menu choose TEAM ADMIN. If you have multiple teams, you will have multiple team information sections; make sure that you are looking at the correct team.

In the Insurance section, click the certificate button. If you have renewed this team, it may show multiple certificate buttons, make sure you click on the proper policy. The certificate will open and you can print this file to your computer or save the file. Included with the certificate is a claim form and instructions for filing a claim with our Insurance Carrier. You must have a .PDF reader on your computer in order to print the certificate.


Adding Additional Insured

Many times your team may be required to provide a copy of your insurance certificate to another organization in order to practice at their facilities or to play in their events. Many of these organizations will require that you name their organization as an “additional insured” to extend your insurance coverage to them.

With Nations Baseball, this process is automated so there is no calling someone or waiting for them to respond. Go to and log-in with your team manager’s account. Under the TEAMS menu choose TEAM ADMIN. In the INSURANCE section, locate the link below the Certificate button for ADD ADDITIONAL INSURED and click the link. Complete the form and choose the type of organization that you need to add. You will be returned to the TEAM ADMIN page. The additional insured will appear as a new page on your insurance certificate. You can then print or save the new certificate to provide to the other organization. (see instructions for Printing Your Insurance Certificate).